Bill Leibel, Tyndall accepting the $500 grand prize check from Bill Minow who sold the winning ticket.  

2008 Harvest Festival Raffle Winners

$500 - William Leibel;
$100 - Gerald Hofmann
$50 (2) - Patricia Harts, Bonnie Vavruska
$25 (8) - Leona Halva, Harvey Beck, Tanner Van Winckle, Francis Koster, Sally Boyd, Don Paul, Norma Peschl,
Mark/Lisa Stoebner
$10 (10) - Mary Ann Cuka, Evelyn McKittrick, Dan Rothschadl, Tanner Carda, Cole Humpal, David/Joannie Auch,
Vicki McGill, Harvey Beck, Scott/Leslie Schuurmans, Cathy Cuka

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